Pitchers Training Camp

Pitchers Training Camp

Pitchers Training Camp

What is pitching camp?

A pitching camp is a baseball training program that is designed to provide thorough pitching instructions to attendees. Attendees are trained on the right pitching mechanics and a solid throwing program that makes them better pitchers.

The focus of the pitching camp is teaching attendees advanced pitching skills using both traditional and high-tech approaches to pitching instruction, coaching, injury prevention and the overall development of solid.

How do you train to be a pitcher?

Although pitcher training deals with total body workouts, you’d need to do drills that focus on accuracy, technique, and speed to be a top pitcher. You’d also need to go through training that improves your awareness.

Who is the Pitcher Training Camp For?

The Vaughn Sports Academy pitchers training camp is for kids of all ages to increase their pitching velocity and accuracy while staying injury-free.

We train kids of all ages and skill levels to be great pitchers. However, most of our students start training as early as 9-10 years old.

Can parents attend?

Yes, they can. Most of our training programs are structured so that parents can watch their wards get trained. We love for parents of the pitchers-in training to attend to learn the topics and information. This way, they can provide support for their kids when they get home.

How fast do 14-year-old pitchers throw?

It all depends on the individual. That said, the average 14-year-old has an average cruising speed of about 65 mph, and average freshman pitchers are known to have cruising speeds of about 70 mph. For great high school pitching prospects, the average cruising speed might be about 75 mph. So it all depends on the 14years level of proficiency and talent.

How do I get into the Pitching program?

It’s simple. All you have to do is contact any of the Vaughn Sports Academy coaches close to you. If for some reason, you can’t attend the baseball camp, you can get an online baseball coach that helps you get pitching lessons wherever you are.

How much is pitching camp?

The pricing for pitching camps varies. However, the cost could vary from $100 for half-day camps to a few hundred dollars for five-day camps with overnight stays. It depends on your needs, and you might want to contact us for more information on that.

Do you need a pre-program pitching evaluation?

We have initial evaluations that help ascertain our students and their player signatures. We use motion analysis, capacity training, vector analysis, and behavioral assessments to arrive at the best training regimen for our attendees.

Give your kids the head start they need

At Vaughn sports academy, our mission is to provide the right mentoring for children and help them realize the immense potential that lies within them. We help them develop their self-confidence to achieve better results in the field and other aspects of their lives. Importantly, we believe that children can only learn new skills if they’re enjoying the game. Thus, our training routines greatly encourage having fun while imbibing the right technique and values to make them better players. Register your child for a free clinic today, and you won’t have any regrets.



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